Rooney sees midfield role

Striker admits he may drop deep if he loses his sharpness

Wayne Rooney admits to having enjoyed making cameo appearances in a midfield role and can see himself dropping deeper later in his career.

The 26-year-old is very much a central striker at present, with Manchester United and England benefitting from his attacking instincts.

Rooney relishes being involved at the business end of the field, with his game all about getting goals and winning games.

He is, however, prepared to accept that there may come a day when he decides to step out of the front line and look to influence matches from the middle of the park.

“I did my bit dropping into a central midfield role when the team got hit by injuries last season,” Rooney told the Daily Mirror, who are serialising his latest autobiography.


“The manager thinks I can do a job there and, with the likes of Tom Cleverley, Anderson, Michael Carrick and Darren Fletcher all missing games, he asked me to help out.

“When I get stuck into the action as a central playmaker, I love it.

“I get more of the ball, I’m involved loads and, after one game, I even think about playing there permanently, but only later in my career.

“Why? Well, in midfield I don’t have to be as sharp as a forward. Once I feel that I haven’t got the sharpness needed to get away from defenders, I’ll probably drop back into midfield for a couple of seasons so I can still influence the game.

“In my heart I’d prefer it if I was playing up front, because I can still do a lot of damage, but the sacrifices don’t bother me.”



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